send me anons pleeeeeaase?
Anonymous: Are u on anti depressants ? Just wondering as I am being prescribed them and dunno what to expect

i had two different ones and they were the wrong ones so they made me worse but if you have the right ones they do help! :) just have a look at the side effects dear.

Anonymous: why do people want anon questions? i don't mean to be mean or anything, i'm just curious. is this a kind of a wish to talk about themselves, or are they lonely, or bored, or in need of distraction? a desire for any kind of communication? and what is the reason in your case, now? again, this is not out of hate or anything, just curiosity.

i am just sad and need some distraction :)

Anonymous: how come you are so freakin cute?

i’m not! o:

Anonymous: Elll :3 I love you <3 You know who at least I hope you do :P

awww hey lovely i love you too :3 come off anon talk to meee

send me anons pleeeeeaase?


there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me

it’s called the throne

I want anons please

please anyone


please someone make the gents do the ice bucket challenge i need it in my life